The WhiskNick ☆☆☆ System

At WhiskNick, we are blessed to have tasted a fair amount of outstanding whiskies. Oftentimes we find ourselves getting into in-depth debates as to just how good a whisky is, and so we have devised a ☆☆☆ system (cheers to Michelin for the inspiration) which we think can be quite handy to duly (or rather subjectively) reflect the merit of the whisky.

This is by no means the ultimate standard of course, we do recognize that people have diverse palates and this list is just a record of our whisky journey highlights.

✓ – A decent whisky,  if you like the particular distillery or style, you will probably quite enjoy it.

☆ – A solid whisky that is well worth ordering at a bar and/or acquiring a bottle.

☆☆ – An outstanding whisky that has left quite an impression, a dram to hunt for, something we unequivocally endorse.

☆☆☆ – Essentially otherworldly, oftentimes a ☆☆☆ whisky has a certain je ne sais quoi that simply just make us go ahhhhhhhhh. Simply put, it is a legendary whisky that can justifiably be called an once-in-a-life-time dramming experience, and experiences like that are why we love whiskies in the first place.

Consider these our recommendations..