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Australian Malt Whiskies

Archie Rose Distillery

Distillery Bottlings

Archie Rose Six Malt New Make [Esmond]

Archie Rose Six Malt Spirit matured in 100L Apera Sherry Cask for 18 months [Esmond]

Independent Bottlings

Tasmanian Independent Bottlers A Renowned NSW Distillery Renowned Release 1 (Cask No. TIB ?? 004) ✓ [Nicholas]

Tasmanian Independent Bottlers A Renowned NSW Distillery Renowned Release 2 (Cask No. TIB ?? 005) [Nicholas]

Bakery Hill Distillery 

Distillery Bottlings

Bakery Hill Classic Malt [Nicholas]

Bellwether Distillery

Distillery Bottlings

Bellwether Single Malt R6 [Esmond]

Bellwether French Oak CS (Bottled for Whisky Freedom) [Esmond]

Black Gate Distillery

Distillery Bottlings

Black Gate BG002 ✓ [Nicholas]

Black Gate Cask #007 [Nicholas]

Black Gate Cask Strength Single Malt BG11 [Esmond]

Black Gate 520s  [Nicholas]

Black Gate Cask #016 Exclusively Bottled for The Oak Barrel ✓ [Nicholas]

Black Gate Single Cask #BG021 [Nicholas]

Black Gate Single Cask #BG022 [Nicholas]

Black Gate Single Cask #BG055 ✓ [Esmond]

Corowa Distilling Co.

Distillery Bottlings

Corowa First Drop [Nicholas]

Corowa Bosque Verde [Nicholas]

Dobson’s Distillery

Distillery Bottlings

Dobson’s Empire 8 Cask Strength Cask #81 [Nicholas]

Dobson’s Old Reliable Triple Distilled Whiskey [Nicholas]

Fannys Bay Distillery

Distillery Bottlings

Fannys Bay Barrel 10 [Nicholas]

Fannys Bay Barrel 13 [Nicholas]

Fleurieu Distillery

Distillery Bottlings

Fleurieu A Heart of Gold ✓ [Nicholas]

Fleurieu Whisky Kisses ✓ [Nicholas]

Fleurieu First Release ✓ [Nicholas]

The Grove Distillery

Distillery Bottlings

The Grove Small Batch Corn Whiskey Mash Maple Syrup Infused [Nicholas]

The Grove Single Grain Single Malt Cask 3 [Nicholas]

The Grove American Style Spirit Distiller’s Cut Cask DC014 Release 2 [Nicholas]

Hellyers Road Distillery

Distillery Bottlings

Hellyers Road Peated [Nicholas]

Hellyers Road Pinot Noir Finish [Nicholas]

Hellyers Road Port Cask Matured Single Cask Release Aged 11 Years (Cask No. 4295/03) [Nicholas]

Hellyers Road Original Single Cask Release Aged 14 Years (Cask No. 2087/08) [Nicholas]

Hellyers Road Peated Single Cask Release Aged 13 Years (Cask No. 4032.14) ✓ [Nicholas]

Lark Distillery

Distillery Bottlings

Lark Cask Strength Port Cask 2014 #512 ☆ [Esmond]

Lark Limited Release 43% ✓ [Nicholas]

Lark Small Batch Cask Strength [Esmond]

Lark The Revolution ReleaseRR 01  [Nicholas]

Lark The Revolution ReleaseRR 03  [Nicholas]

Lark The Revolution ReleaseRR 04 [Nicholas]

Lark The Revolution Release RR 05 [Nicholas]

Lark The Revolution Release RR 06 [Nicholas]

Lark The Revolution ReleaseRR 07 ✓ [Nicholas]

Lark The Revolution ReleaseRR 08 ✓ [Nicholas]

Lark The Revolution ReleaseRR 09 [Nicholas]

Lark The Revolution ReleaseRR 10 ☆ [Nicholas]

Lark The Revolution ReleaseRR 13 [Nicholas]

Lark The Revolution ReleaseRR 15 ✓ [Nicholas]

Lark The Revolution ReleaseRR 23 [Nicholas]

Lark The Revolution ReleaseRR 24 [Nicholas]

Independent Bottlings

Dark Valley Lark Hunter’s Keep ✓ [Nicholas]

Dark Valley Lark Raven’s Rest [Nicholas]

Launceston Distillery

Distillery Bottlings

Launceston Distillery Tawny Cask Matured [Esmond]

Limeburners Distillery

Distillery Bottlings

Limeburners Directors Cut Barrel M134 ☆☆ [Esmond]

Limeburners Cask Strength Directors Cut M230 ☆☆ [Nicholas]

Limeburners Directors Cut Barrel M326 ✓ [Nicholas]

Limeburners Port Cask Barrel M144 Cask Strength ☆ [Esmond]

Limeburners Cask Strength Heavy Peat Barrel M225 ✓ [Nicholas]

Limeburners Darkest Winter Barrel M350 ✓ [Nicholas]

Limeburners Peated 2017 [Nicholas]

Tiger Snake SMB12 [Nicholas]

Mt Uncle Distillery 

Distillery Bottlings

Mt Uncle The Big Black Cock [Nicholas]

Overeem Distillery

Distillery Bottlings

Overeem Sherry Cask Matured Cask Strength OHD-003 ✓ [Esmond]

Dram Review: Overeem Sherry Cask Matured OHD-090 [Nicholas]

Overeem Cask Strength Port Cask Matured OHD-092 ☆ [Nicholas]

Overeem Red Wine Cask Matured OHD-100 [Nicholas]

Overeem Port Cask Matured OHD-115 [Nicholas]

Old Kempton (Formerly Redlands) Distillery

Distillery Bottlings

Redlands Small Cask Matured RD018 [Nicholas]

Independent Bottlings

Tasmanian Independent Bottlers Redlands Distillery Redlands Release 1 (Cask No. TIB RD 001)✓ [Nicholas]

Tasmanian Independent Bottlers Old Kempton Distillery Redlands Release 4 (Cask No. TIB RD 0013) [Nicholas]

Spirit Thief First Release French Oak Tempranillo Cask “Hector Musselwhite” [Nicholas]

Shene Estate & Distillery

Distillery Bottlings

Mackey Cask 004 ✓ [Nicholas]

Southern Coast Distillery

Independent Bottlings

The Odd Whisky Coy Southern Coast Cask 43 [Nicholas]

Spring Bay Distillery

Distillery Bottlings

Spring Bay The Rheban Cask Strength (Cask No. 14) [Nicholas]

Starward Distillery

Distillery Bottlings

Starward Wine Cask Single Malt [Esmond]

Starward Distillery Only Single Cask 170525A ✓ [Esmond]

Starward Dram Full Single Cask #1 [Nicholas]

Starward Ginger Beer Cask #2 [Nicholas]

Starward Ginger Beer Cask #3 ☆ [Nicholas]

Starward Lui Bar Selection #3 [Nicholas]

Starward Pedro Ximenez Sherry Cask ✓ [Esmond]

Starward Projects Bourbon Cask Whisky ☆ [Esmond]

Starward The Oak Barrel Whisky Fair 2014 Bottling ☆☆ [Esmond]

Starward 10th Anniversary Bottling ✓ [Nicholas]

Timboon Railway Shed Distillery

Distillery Bottlings

TimBoon Christie’s Cut (Bottled on 1 March 2018) [Nicholas]

Timboon Christie’s Cut (Bottled on 31 July 2017) ✓ [Nicholas]

Timboon Port Expression (Bottled on 30 August 2016) [Nicholas]

Timboon Port Expression (Bottled on 31 July 2017) [Nicholas]

Tin Shed Distillery

Distillery Bottlings

Iniquity Batch No.006 [Nicholas]

Iniquity Batch No. 008 ✓ [Nicholas]

Iniquity Batch No.009 ☆ [Nicholas]

Iniquity Gold Batch No. 003 ☆ [Nicholas]

Tasmania Distillery (Sullivans Cove)

Distillery Bottlings

Sullivans Cove American Oak Single Cask HH027 ✓ [Esmond]

Sullivans Cove Double Cask DC090 [Nicholas]

Sullivans Cove Special Cask Edition TD0202 ☆ [Nicholas]

Sullivans Cove French Oak Single Cask HH400 ☆ [Esmond]

Independent Bottlings

Heartwood Convict Resurrection [Esmond]

Heartwood @#$%^&* ✓ [Nicholas]

The Exile Aged 15 Years ✓ [Nicholas]

Thornbury Spirits Co. 1st Release The Forgotten Casks 17 Years Old ✓ [Esmond]

Whipper Snapper Distillery

Distillery Bottlings

Upshot Australian Whiskey ✓ [Esmond]

Australian Blended Whiskies

Heartwood Vat out of Hell ☆☆ [Nicholas]

Heartwood The Beagle 5 ✓ [Nicholas]

Twenty Third St. Hybrid Whisk(e)y [Nicholas]