Whisky Review: Glenkinchie 12 Year Old


Style: Light and Crisp Fruits


A layer of crisp citrus lemon, apples and juniper berries on the first whiff. Vanilla and malt follows closely. Sharpened spice with a nice focus. Slightly fatter oils hide down at the deep. Hints of cucumbers on the tail.


Light barley delivery on the palate. Fresh lemon tarts, cucumber high ball, malty toast as oak beckons. Slight grassy note towards the end.


Subtle malt sweetness, dim medicinal herbs to finish.


When I am tasting this, the term “summer drink” immediately spring to mind, despite the fact that I never see whisky as a seasonal drink. Light, sweet, refreshing with a touch of herbal greens. A lovely mid-summer seasonal style of whisky. Not a super malt, but it is a good addition to your whisky cabinet.

[43% • 2015 • Original Bottling • General Release • x+]



Dram Review: Glenkinchie 24 Years Old

[57.2%・Distilled in 1991・24 Years Old・Bottled in 2016・Official Bottling・Limited Edition]


A shy nose that embarks with notes of pine wood, wild flowers and honeyed granola. Buttery waffles to follow with a spray of lime vapours and rounded off with grilled pineapple slices once it has been given ample time to open up.

Palate & Finish:

Lemony and lively, the citrus note jumps out and it brings out this clean maltiness that has been accentuated by the white oak note. A subtle honey sweetness inserts itself and this leads to a crisp but steady finish decorated with tannins.


I am not usually a Glenkinchie fan; but this is certainly a fine offering, a dram I wouldn’t mind having more of. If Lowland malt is your thing, your prayers have been answered.