Dram Review: Antique Lions of Spirits Fettercairn Aged 28 Years

[50.6%・28 Years Old・Distilled in 1988・Bottled in 2016・Joint Bottling of Jens Drewitz, Max Right (Whisky Antique) and Diego Sandrin (Lion’s Whisky)・Single Cask Release of 292 Bottles]


A floral setting with subtle notes blended into the background.  Lavender, green mangos, tree gum, vanilla grain and faint traces of smoke and metallic notes, channeled with a surprisingly lively energy.

Palate & Finish:

A tasty delivery of orchid fruits and creamed honey, with the floral notes laying down the base.. only to have an oak led dryness cutting through in a plot twist.  The maturity of the dram is shown through its restraint; jamminess held in check by the spices.

Spices sprinkle onto the nourishing soft fruits. A polite finish but with flashes of European flair.


A handsome dram with some unrested moments..  matured but has refused to settle down..  breathing is recommended and patience is accordingly rewarded.