Whisky Review: Teeling 1991 Aged 27 Years Bottled Exclusively for The Whisky Exchange

Style: Fruity and Complex

It’s like standing at the entrance of a fruit banquet, incredibly fragrant, alluring and integrated sweetness gently whirling over. Beautiful sherry – think strawberries, figs and red grapes leading the line. Peaches and tea leaves creating a delicate and velvety overtone which wraps around the aroma beautifully. While assorted fruits, guavas, limes and pears quietly infused into the body. Ribena, muscovado sugar and blackpepper combine to form a deeper level, icy peppermint swoops in with an ultra-high pitch. Subtle barley, mineral notes and ginseng powder towards the end.

Syrupy red fruits gently trickle down onto the palate. Green malt and medicinal herbs join in early and give a nice contrast and balance to the flowing sherry stream. A quick floral touch, peaches combine with assorted fruits (guavas, limes and pears again) rowing on top and orchestrating the expression. Marzipan, brioche and lavender. Icy peppermint echoing softly at the background. Barley taking a touch of vanilla. Honeycomb, black pepper huffing and puffing to fill up the back palate. Distant wood smoke, earl grey, autumn leaves and dried cranberries.

Sherry notes gleaming beautifully as ever, strawberries and red berries continue to develop. Malt syrup and chocolate aftertaste clinging on.

We know some of the early 90s Irish are excellent but this is easily the best I have tried so far. Distinct and delicate “Irish” fruitiness (not just tropical imo) at the core; abundant but not overpowering sherry forming multiple dimensions of flavours; balancing green malt and spices are all integrated together in perfection. Its overtone juxtaposes the spirit conglomerate beautifully, giving the expression a little Midas touch that makes it feels so surreal and magical. In terms of rating, although the attack at the front is slightly raw and overall a step behind my other three stars whiskies, it remains a scintillating drop and should deserve all the praise. Maybe this will make my first low three stars bottling…

☆☆☆ [Most Recommended]
[49.8% | Original Bottling | 2018 Bottled | 1991 Distilled | Single Cask | Cask Number: 6838 | Sherry Maturation | Non Chill Filtered | 180 Bottles | ***-]