Whisky Review: Liquor Library Enviable Speyside Blended Malt 1996 Aged 24 Years

Style: Fruity and Malty

Spicy wind of black peppercorn blows on the top, while fresh papaya, overripe tangerines and poached pears swirling on ground level. A curious limestone flick, light nutmeg and cinnamon dust falling upon the golden malt. Glazed ginger dices, carrot cake with a thin layer of vanilla cream. White floral confectionaries beaming softly. Red chillies and barley tail.

Creamy malt and yellow fruits fuse together and lay out at the front. Pear drops and orchard fruits building around a solid WGS-esque barley core. Soft floral fragrance filling up the last blanket to complete a nice, round sweetness. Sliced ginger. Cinnamon and nutmeg dust slowly piling up over time. A bit of umami and wood smoke in the back drop, am I detecting the faintest hint of peat here? Another hot chilli injection. Mocha, walnut and oak settling in at the back. Coconut Jaffa cake to finish.

Sweet agar agar with more coconut shavings. Assorted boiled fruits, barley slightly brushed with lime and orange cordial.

I was told that “Enviable Speyside” is now the new code name for Balvenie, I guess you learn something new everyday. Although I like the sound of Burnside a bit more, it does give you a sense of mystery doesn’t it? Now, back to this whisky, I think it is, or at least, showing traits that reminds me of Glenfiddich/ Balvenie. The style is quite typical, with a good level of fruitiness at the front, and layers of malt and subtle notes from behind. Not necessarily my favourite style (since Snow Phoenix), but it is still a beautifully crafted spirit that makes it an excellent sipper.

☆ [Recommended]


[52.1%| Independent Bottling| 1996 Distilled| 2020 Bottled| Single Cask| Non Chill Filtered| Non Coloured| Hogshead| *]