Whisky Review: Springbank Madeira Wood Aged 17 Years

Style: Fruity and Lightly Smoked

Viscous caramel fudge rolling in with high-flying peppermint. Followed by farm-y and peaty signatures you always expect from Springbank. Yellow fruits and a hint of strawberry sparkling Rosé, delicious. Then Ice-cold spice strikes again, while the sunbeam of sweet Madeira orange is trapped inside it. Peat smoke makes an escape and transmuting into mineralic notes and (to a lesser extent) a denser tarry base. Plenty of Sichimi sprinkling onto citrus candies. Nutmeg and black pepper.

Gentle but round and bright orange-citrus kicks in with toffee and farm-y peaty malt. The elements fire in rounds and blossom like beautiful fireworks. More razor-sharp spices cut in midway, assorted fruits slowly unravels after the heat, tropical fruit punch and Cranberry Daiquiri. Polished barley scattering onto malt cake and lightly steamed agar agar. Oak with a tiny whiff of liquorice and mineralic smoke.

Fading fruitiness clinging on hard, hay stack peat and glistening malt. Soft, but very nice.

To be honest, at first I was worried that a sub-48%, 17 years old Springbank might be a bit weak. Instead, it is quite the opposite, the head start of this dram is so beautiful, compact and balanced that has somewhat disguised and masked the heat of the spirit, which is surprisingly hot and almost stifling at times. But mate, I am just nit-picking here, it’s still a fairly approachable sipper. A classic, modern Springbank with a bright and fruity twist. High one star.

☆+ [Recommended]


[47.8%| 2002 Distilled| 2020 Bottled| 9200 Bottles| Vatting| 14 years in Bourbon and Rum barrels; 3 years in Madeira Hogshead| *+]