Whisky Review: Benriach Limited Release 1979 Aged 25 Years #10985

Style: Spicy, Fruity and Complex

Sweet papaya and passion fruits lightly brushed with sunflower oil and dipped in almond milk. Tropical fruit punch sits one level down, glistening nectarines, stone fruits flesh swimming through spearmint waves. Apricots with a touch of vanilla powder, subtle and damp mineral peat confines with barley sugar. Eau-de-vie d’orange leaving a long and herbal tail.

Soft tropical fruits entrance, followed by the most delicate kiss from white peaches, very sweet and almost-tantalising were not the fiery spice. Melons, tangerines, apples, apricots and summer berries. Toffee trickles down slowly, nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, incense wood burning gently. Salted caramel bites, green grass and more sharpened peppermint. Vanilla cream, minerals and faint maritime spray on dry barley. Almonds, oak and five spices towards the end.

Dry spice cleansing and paving way for the softest stewed tropical and stone fruits. Wrap up with minerals, barley and spring water notes.

Another typical 70s Benriach we have here, splendidly fruity, but also on the feisty and complex side. Probably that is down to a lesser cask influence while the distillate, peat and wood are able to exert their influence on the expression. This allows more elements to create plays and build up rich layers for the profile. Benriach can be quite spicy and technical, but it is also very bright and charming.

 ☆☆ [Highly Recommended]


[57.5%| Original Bottling| 1979 Distilled| 2005 Bottled| 121 of 228 Bottles| Single Cask| Cask Strength| Natural Coloured| Non Chill Filtered| Cask Number: 10985| Hogshead| **]