Whisky Review: Adelphi Selection Teaninich 2007 12 Years Old

Style: Sherry sweet and Spicy

Hmmmm, quite funky on the nose, liquorice roots, fennels, earthy potatoes, cereal and bacon strips are all immersed in dark fruits sauce. This sherry has a bit of everything in here, alas, they are pulling towards different directions. Not sure if that’s because of the cask or the spirit though… Growing a bit syrupy as we dig deeper, brown sugar and some resounding blackcurrants begin to emerge. Another teasing touch of bacon grease and camphor leading to a rather clean malt down at the bottom.

The rhythm is more stable on the palate, sterilised sherry and malt unfolding carefully at a higher power, mostly in the form of spicy cereal and occasional peppermint spikes. Steaming taro and potato giving some starchy earthiness, while pork stew simmering very gently at the base. Black liquroice strikes back, cherry sauce and molasses spreading and funneling throughout the spirit. Black pepper, plenty of chocolate mint as well. Dry spice and alcohol heat pushing for a strong finish.

Vegetal spice tails off and paves way for red fruit sherry notes to settle in. Ruby grapes and milk chocolate, all sweet and comfy.

Adelphi has been dropping a lot of sherry bombs lately, and like most of them, it is dark and sweet, it punches hard, it might be a funky cask, but with this one it feels the distillate is provided a certain degree of freedom to maneuver, which imparted an extra level onto the expression. May it be a little bit clumsy, but it is definitely better than some sherry-alcohol hot mess that has been floating around the market these days. If anyone still remember the sub-10 years old dark-as-sin Glenrothes, personally I think this is a major upgrade on those.

[Recommended if you like the style/ distillery]

[55.9% | Independent Bottling | 2007 Distilled | 2020 Bottled | 615 Bottles | Single Cask | Natural Cask Strength | Non-Chill Filtered | Cask Number: 301264 | T+]