Whisky Review: SMWS 52.32 Old Pulteney 2007 12 Years Old “Highly Entertaining”

Style: Sweet, waxy and spicy

Cutting through a prickling and dense peppermint fog, we reach a candlewax-sealed door which insulates layers of orange, poppyseed cake and limoncello. Side notes are deeply buried by the spirit spice. Lemon aloe vera gradually opens up, white grapes, red chilli shreds placed on the top. Distant diesel smoke, faint scent of barbeque grilled shrimps wavering in the air. Slightly muted, but a rather clean nose.

Much more expressive on the palate, sweet explosion of citrus fruits at the front. Thick candlewax coating around a tropical fruits salad. The Highland waxiness is similar to Clynelish, but different. Soft floral fragrance, lime overtone, potpourri, Botrytis, coconut butter mixes with barley. Going slightly creamy towards the end. A touch of salt, imaginary peat, finish with another citrus zing.

Soft notes of mangoes, canned pineapples and orange blossom scented candle with medicinal herbs.

For me, there is always something special about Pulteney. Partly because it is one of my earliest whiskies, but mostly because of the balance between the distillate citrus and Highland waxiness is quite unique and charming. Different to how Clynelish does it, and probably it is designed to be bottled at 46%, but young Old Pulteney at higher strength can be also, as the name suggests, highly entertaining. It is probably not the most-hyped distillery, but this is a dram I like to spend a lazy afternoon with it. Close to one star.

✓+ [Recommended if you like the style/distillery]

[58.2%| 2007 Distilled| Independent Bottling| Single Cask| Cask Strength| 245 Bottles| 1st Fill Bourbon Cask| T+]