Whisky Review: La Maison du Whisky Artist #7 Bowmore 2001 Over 15 Years

Style: Spicy, Dry and Fruity

Sharp alcohol carrying ultra-charged spearmint and black peppercorns, a distinct tone of burnt plastic hiding behind, funky. The attack gradually mellows down to tropical fruits, cooked paw paw, then moving towards lemon aloe vera. Spice still growling in the background, coal ambers heating up, some earthiness, but the smoke does not feel very obvious here, curious. Sweet yellow mango refluxes, barley, hints of white flower at the tail.

Sweet tropical fruits riding on top of a massive medicinal spices wave. Aloe vera, green leaves, white chalk and raw bananas infused with earthy peat. High-power ester fruits ringing the maritime bell, Florina peppers. Liquorice roots, followed by a gorgeous malty bite, all thick and oily, very nice. Honeymead, red chilli heating up. Oysters, mineral rocks, grated chocolate and ginger. A hint of navel orange and coffee grounds to finish.

Lemon aloe vera purring softly, liquorice, dark chocolate and charred oak on the side.

This Bowmore might be a bit divisive as it falls onto the raw/rogue side of the spectrum. Well, the make of Bowmore does have many facets and styles, you might not like all of them, but it is always fun to find out what you are going to get. Dry, mineralic and quite powerful yet it is still reasonably fruity. It feels there are very different elements pieced together without too much synchronisation. Not disjointed, but the levels are quite distinct and loosely stitched together, fairly complex with unexpected twists and turns along the way, making it a rather fun experience.

☆ [Recommended]

[56.7% Independent Bottling 2001 Distilled 2017 Bottled Cask Number #20115 286 Bottles Hogshead *]


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