Whisky Review: Lagavulin Aged 12 Years Diageo Special Release 2019

Style: Sweet and Smoky

Ah, welcome back old friend, we meet again. Robust smoky sweetness – Cloudy lemonade, squid ink, brimstone, liquorice roots, kelp and ambers. Nothing unfamiliar, but really good. Dried chilli carrying tremendous energy, orange citrus oil injected into a tropical fruits shell. Burnt wood remaining in the bonfire pit beside the beach. So powerful yet so comfortable, pure Lagavulin goodness.

Liquid smoke marches in with beautiful citrus sweetness. Glazed orange and lemon bar hyper-charged with chilli spice. Chocolate éclair, smoked ham, beef stock and dark liquorice forming a nice underlayer. Malt syrup trickling down onto faint toffee. Iodine drops paddling back, steamed malted barley echoing so nicely from the bottom. Finishes with hints of kelp and coffee grounds.

Barley soaking in a bowl of mocha, smoked tea and kombu candy. Another dash of pink lemonade, chocolate lightly drizzling onto charcoal to finish.

Lagavulin 12 years old has been the staple whisky in the annual special release and rightfully so. Another majestic performance from this expression – robust, lively, smoky and deliciously sweet in perfect synchronization to form a complete expression. Ladies and gentlemen, this is young, modern Lagavulin at its peak. Maybe there is minimal roughness that can be polished off, but we should not be too picky, should we?

☆☆ [Highly Recommended]

[56.5% | Original Bottling | Limited Edition | Natural Cask Strength | **+]