Dram Review: Glenfarclas The Family Casks 1986 Autumn 2014 Cask No. 3456

[55.5%・Distilled in 1986・Bottled in 2014・28 Years Old・Official Bottling・Cask No. 3456・Single Cask Release of 542 Bottles]


Assertively oak driven, seasoned with incense spices, toasted granola with cinnamon and chocolate dust. Notes of raisins and mandarin gradually easing their way in.

Palate & Finish:

The initial acidity of the fruits is swiftly mellowed out by a thick maple syrup, though the dram retains its freshness and zesty vibe, a tad rubbery on the mid-palate with some cocoa butter note.

Getting woodier in the finish and tails off with a creamy hot chocolate note.


Flavour-wise it is exciting and on any given day it feeds the thirst for a Sherry bomb, but the Sherry cask influence is rather intense, with the wood driving in the flavours quite forcefully.

☆ [Recommended]