Dram Review: Sullivans Cove Double Cask DC102

[45.2%・ 10 Years Old・Distilled in 2008・Bottled in 2019・Official Bottling・Barrels TD0026, TD0139, TD0176, TD0183, TD0221, TD0233, TD0271・Limited Release of 1430 Bottles]


A heavy-handed dose of weetbix aromas, with a casual splash of pepper spices, followed by some yellow fruits that are not so mature.

Palate & Finish:

Sticky honey conveying an overt sweetness, sweetened porridge with some chamomile seasoning followed by green mangos and an oaky bite

minerals, crisp lager, wood and toasty note coming on


As far as entry level Australian whiskies are concerned, the Double Cask series has come a long way and has a solid and somewhat consistent identity.

This bottling is rather on the sweet side but I imagine it’s still going to be perceived as a casual-friendly drop for those trying to get into Australian whiskies, something Starward has been excelling at for the past few years; but the Double Cask series goes further by planting the flag on an untapped market corner, the series posing as a more matured choice with genuinely older juice involved.. something that just makes sense most logically but for various reasons few local distilleries have stuck to.

✓ [Recommended if you like the distillery/style]


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