Whisky Review: The Whisky Agency x The Nectar Secret Highland 1987 Aged 31 Years

Style: Sherry, Spicy and Complex

Fragrant forest berries compote and waxy camphor build on a subtle but firm copper spine. Interesting combination. Vanilla sticks and vanilla cream with a little cranberry swirl. Cold pressed almond oil and strawberry yogurt; Peppermint growing strong over time. The spice is picking up a pretty good momentum in the middle, and the aroma does not feel tired at all. No way I would guess this is a 31-year-old if I am served blind. Icy, strong, sweet and dry at the same time. Quite unique, I like it.

Begins with blotches of red fruits on the palate, the sherry influence is more apparent now. The tone gradually morphs back into forest berries while a delicious molten chocolate layer develops underneath. Excellent structure. Cranberries and strawberries floating on top of a tropical fruit punch. Camphor and peppermint continue to stay strong, then comes a moment of realisation that the copper has been hiding at the bottom all along… Vanilla slips to lower order while malt reverts back to barley, a rather dry tail.

A sherry comeback as expected. Ruby grapes chorusing beautifully. Love it.

This is not an ordinary 30 years old, mellow and integrated kind of dram. Instead, it feels there is plenty of power in this seemingly delicate distillate, which does not yield to the sherry despite a pretty strong influence from it. Together with the creamy texture, sweet matured fruits, drier malt and herbal elements, it becomes a spirit with distinct architectures that offers plenty to savour and contemplate. I was told that this is a Glenmorangie, and yeah, it feels like it. An excellent one as well.

☆☆ [Highly Recommended]

[50.1% | Independent Bottling | 1987 Distilled | 2019 Bottled | Sherry Hogshead | Cask Strength | Single Cask | Non Coloured | Non Chill Filtered | **-]