Whisky Review: Silver Seal Dailuaine 1976 37 Years Old

Style: Oaky, Sweet and Dignified

Multiple layers of oak gently placed on the spirit – Begins with cedar wood, tree sap, vanilla oak and finally a soft touch of varnish. Very malty as well. The sweetness of pine and maple syrup are giving a rich and oily buffer in the middle, followed by stewed tropical fruits gleaming softly at the core. Ground black pepper sprinkles on caramel ice cream, vanilla pods on the side. Feels very integrated and comfortable. Dry chilies towards the end.

Pristine oak continues to shine and run the show, tree sap and cedar wood fragrance painted with vanilla cream whilst a small dose of acetone in injected to give some acidity and energy. Malt is sitting comfortably inside. Crème brulee, subtle sultanas, baked fruits, golden syrup, heavily charred vanilla, twig and vines forming several dynamic undercurrents. Dry chilli giving a good spike at the back again. Maraschino cherry and herbal liqueur linger till the end.

Vanilla pudding, dark chocolate and red currants braiding together and echoing beautifully.

Not often we are able to witness an expression that is orchestrated so masterfully by the oak, it is tidy, balanced and there is a feeling that all the elements – malt, fruits, spirit are subsumed into it and forms a coherent, complex and sophisticated whisky. Nothing short of sensational. I wonder if casks like this still exist in 2020, let’s just hope that we haven’t digged out all the gems out already…

☆☆ [Highly Recommended]

[Independent Bottling | 47% | Single Cask | Cask Strength | 1976 Distilled | 2013 Bottled | Cask Number: 5970 | 130 Bottles | **+]