Dram Review: Springbank 100% Pure Malt 21 Years Old (Pear Shape)

[43.0%・Bottled Circa 1970s・21 Years Old・Official Bottling Imported by Maison Du Whisky・Limited Release]


Old school pear sweets with a mellow grassy note. Subtle sense of malt with a brush of sea salt. Seaweed and herbs surfacing in time and opened up to minerals, red cherry and orange slices.

Palate & Finish:

A clean grassy delivery, brightened up by the barley sugar with a wee citrus edge from the tropical fruits, a pinch of pepper draws the malt back.

Mellow and mild but wonderfully fruity in a subtle manner and the tail fades out in a puff of cigarette smoke.


A minimalistic dram that really opens up in the glass. It is stylistically quite clean as one would expect from the 50s distillate but with a pleasant surprise that is the touch of smoke.

☆ [Recommended]