Dram Review: Moon Import Caol Ila The Sails in the Wind

[46.0%・Distilled in 1977・Bottled in 1993・ Moon Import Bottling・Cask No. 4659 & 4660 ・ Limited Release]


Starts off with a herbal setting but with quite a sweet layer of cotton candy, well balanced with the sooty presence that opens up to notes of lemon, menthol and whisky crumble and later on fruits and soft nougat.

Palate & Finish:

A brilliant flow of honey, nougat and yellow fruits sailing through a mellow cloud of ashy smoke. The combination of malt, fruits and smoke is just sublime.

Lingering, creamy smoke silkily coasts through shades of red apples and oak.


I never knew a Caol Ila from the 70s could be so astoundingly fruity.

A beautiful dram from nose to finish, so I suppose this would be the proper daily dram ey..

☆ ☆ [Highly Recommended]