Dram Review: The Whisky Agency Irish Single Malt Whiskey 1990 Aged 29 Years

[48.5%・Distilled in 1990・Bottled in 2019・ 21 Years Old・The Whisky Agency Bottling ・Single Cask Release of 182 Bottles] 


Buttery popcorn and green malt, the bread yeast leads to a cane sugar sweetness with the wood having a dated vibe, like the wooden floors of a heritage listed house that has been well cared for.

Palate & Finish:

Mellowly sweet, raw sugar and honey on a peppery and woody delivery. The fruits are there but held back seemingly due to the age and as such there is not nearly as much energy as one might have hoped.

Sweetened tail with notes of peppery cigar leaves.


Are we at fault for typecasting an Irish whiskey?

What if we don’t get an elaborated tropical extravagance of fruits but other than that the whiskey is just fine with some traits of it being Irish?

I would admit I do prefer the 21 year old from the same series because of the fruits.

☆ [Recommended]


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