Whisky Review: The Whisky Agency Springbank 1991 Aged 27 Years

Style: Fruity, Earthy and Complex

A wonderful combination of lemon citrus and passionfruit waltzing in elegantly at the front, deft light touches of peppermint, chalk and minerals augmenting the aroma, blimey, this is going to be a treat! Grapefruit jam, lollies, honeycomb drizzled with malt syrup, faint hint of smoked ham and possibly ethereal peat roaming at the bottom. All laid out neat and tidy, beautiful.

The dance begins – Perfect balance between citrus-tropical fruits, malt and peat delivered on the same instance. Grapefruits shining, bubblegum and butter enamelled with a creamy texture… My god, this is so good. Glazed pineapple, green grass overtone, more honeycomb, chocolate almonds, taros, pine cones, roasted coffee beans, salty peat and maybe even a little bit of truffle (!) all take turns and unfold over time. Barley and oak growing quite strong after a few drams but it is pretty amazing.

Gradually falling to the drier side towards the end, limoncello, plenty of barley with just a pinch of vanilla sugar. Passionfruit meringue to finish.

You know I love my Springbanks, and I think this also belongs to the top tier of the modern crops. Incredible complexity which opens up to countless imaginations, numerous nuances and twists on the journey which makes it absolutely enjoyable. The composure is slightly lost to the accumulation of barley and oak but it still qualifies as a top-level tasting whisky.

☆☆ [Highly Recommended]

[46.4% | Independent Bottling | Single Cask | 1991 Distilled | 2018 Bottled | Natural Colour | Cask Strength | Hogshead | **+]


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