Dram Review: Glenfarclas Selected and Bottled for Mr. Edward Giaccone 21 Years Old

[51.5%・Distilled Circa 1950s・Bottled Circa 1970s・ 21 Years Old・Official Bottling・Limited Release]


This feels substantial, as intensely Sherried as one would have hoped for from a proper Glenfarclas of yesteryear.  Creamy vanilla fudge churned away with this oily caramel paste, drizzled generously with milk chocolate sundae sauce, and topped with peanut butter brittle, hazelnut cream and cinnamon dust alongside dried Seville Orange cubes. 

Palate & Finish:

There is a certain sense of lavishness in the delivery, in saying that though the balance is assuring.  Confident spirit driving through notes of sweet prunes and dark plums, evening out with raw dark chocolate as the Sherry influence continues to blossom on the mid-palate, bringing about a pinch of chilli spices.

Cinnamon and wood with a lengthy sweet barley note, with hints of brown sugar syrup and a lasting toffee lolly tail.


The masculinity of the Glenfarclas spirit is presented through the well executed manipulation of refined Sherry influence, one of the most striking and technically impeccable Glenfarclas I have the pleasure of having, albeit lacking a truly magical moment through the dramming experience.

Well done Mr. Grant and congratulations Mr. Giaccone.

☆☆ [Highly Recommended]