Whisky Review: The Whisky Agency Lochside 1981 Aged 37 Years

Style: Sherry, Herbal and Vintage

Handmade strawberry paste blending with distinct herbal spice, as well as an inkling of coal fire smoke by the stove. Very old school, this is. Hint of umami for extended depth, in come spearmint reinforcements, more sweet liquorice and caramelised fruits. Gentle, integrated and very dimensional.

Sherry fruits continue to paint the landscape, barley growing bright and strong alongside with green grass. Strawberry peppermint jelly, malt cake with syrup, medicinal herbs, light vanilla sauce, thin lace of smoke, everything weaving together gloriously. Barley, mineral flicks trigger the drier side of dram at back palate. Polished oak, tomato vines and residual sugars linger till the end.

Strawberry rosé sangria fizzling gently, ginger zing, subtle Maltose and jello to give a sweet finish.

My first Lochside and I have probably started off with an exquisite one – Good sherry? Check; Complexity? Check; Integration? Check; Balance? Check. Textbook old school style of whisky. Nothing I can complain about and I will just sit down and enjoy this for the rest of the night.

☆☆ [Highly Recommended]

[48.6% | Independent Bottling | Single Cask | 1981 Distilled | 2018 Bottled | Natural Colour | Butt | **]


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