Dram Review: The School of Malt Tomatin Aged 34 Years

[51.3%・34 Years Old・Distilled in 1976・Bottled in 2011・Whisk-e Bottling・Limited Release] 


Wet with stickily sweet notes, poached pears, thic honey, toffee apples, strawberry preserve, Vienna almonds and to put it over the top, simmering brown sugar really putting on a show.

Palate & Finish:

Dripping with honey and sweetened almond nibs, warm saucy fruits of poached figs and burnt oranges with a heavier than expected presence of malty digestive biscuits.

A woody and tannic bite in the finish, with some milk chocolate wrapped raisins to ease things out.


A liquid interpretation of Lizzo’s Juice, it’s a bit much but can you really blame it on the juice?

☆ [Recommended]