Whisky Review: Hazelburn Aged 14 Years Oloroso Cask Matured

Style: Sweet and Smoky

Immediate impact of abundant sherry – Demerara sugar, plums and red cherries running rampant here. Menthol, a hint of hay, while balsamic vinegar lightly poured onto purple liquorice. Black currant gummies, syrupy fruits giving a good amount of “fatness” which is cleverly sealed by sharp spice. Mineral notes and subtle rock salt seasoning the sherry-dominated aroma.

Dunnage sherry leading the line, all sorts of bountiful red and dark fruits shaded with muskiness – umami, soy sauce, deep and savoury. Man, the sherry casks must be good. Coal-roasted seaweed, grass mixed with hay and clay. Liquorice, cherry soda and decorated peppermint leaves. Syrupy fruits emerge again and finish with more red cherries.

Ringing the red fruits ladder, probably a touch of brine and mineral rocks. Plums and cherries with a little bit of dustiness.

Usually I am quite wary of triple-distilled spirit because it can be, what’s the word for it, sterile. But this Hazelburn is a pleasant surprise for me, probably because there is plenty sherry to power the expression, while the fruits and peat smoke (another surprise for me, because I assumed all Hazelburn are unpeated) are also sufficient at the core, making it a pretty rich and enjoyable dram.

☆ [Recommended]

[49.3% | Original Bottling | 2004 Distilled | 2019 Bottled | 9900 Bottles | Matured in Fresh Oloroso Cask | *]