Whisky Review: Longrow Red Pinot Noir Cask Matured Aged 11 Years

Style: Sweet and Smoky

Begins with oatmeal taking a good amount of smoke. Barley sugar, raisinets and fresh apricots enveloped in sharp, green spice, a bit tight here. Cornflakes, together with minimal tar sink and form the foundation. Whereas shisha, grape skins and sweet bubblegum building up the top aroma. Subtle “dirty” notes gradually unfurl overtime, farm-y notes, diesel oil and brine sprinkled with black pepper.

Glistening red grapes showing great clarity at the front. Red fruits sitting on the acidic spectrum, plums, hawthorns, raspberries and cherries. Liquorice roots, tame peat smoke in the form of a gently humming Diesel engine. White fruits and peppermint leaves gradually open up, whereas crunchy cornflakes sit at the bottom. Pomegranate liqueur pouring on milk chocolate. Red fruits and smoke echoing back and forth beautifully.

Crystallised red fruits continue to echo at the finish. Minimum smoke and aplenty of sweet red grapes, very nice.

Longrow red has always been a bit controversial and I think this is my first review on the series. Personally I don’t have a problem with the combination of Longrow spirit and red wine casks at all, but a few of them didn’t worked out that well. For this one, I find the nose a bit tight but the rest is very enjoyable. The balance (or proportion, to be more accurate) between the red fruits and smoke hits the sweet spot whereas the “dirtiness” has integrated into the profile nicely and keeps things interesting. A very good sipper.

☆ [Recommended]

[53.1% | Original Bottling | 9000 Bottles | Cask Strength | 2019 Bottled| 8 years matured in Bourbon casks and 3 years finished in Refill Pinot Noir casks | *]