Dram Review: Corowa “Mad Dog” Morgan (Distilled on 19 March 2017)

[46.0%・ NAS・Distilled in 2017・Bottled Circa. 2019・Official Bottling・Limited Release]


Weetbix churned with almond butter, a simple, sweet, malty nose; brown sugar caramelising with some sichimi spices and freshly unboxed A4 paper.

Palate & Finish:

Dried muscat grapes giving away an early sweetness, the distillate still rather noticeable, haystacks and spices with some sultana coming through.

Finishes early, digestive biscuits and menthol with more of those malt spirit notes.


Granted, the Mad Dog is but a young pup, but it’s fair to say that the muscat casks have impressed just about enough flavours onto the spirit.

Later releases hopefully should be more coherent given ideally there would be more time for new make and casks to integrate.