Dram Review: Corra Linn Barrel 61

[53.0%・NAS・Official Bottling・Barrel No. 61・ Single Cask Release of 97 Bottles]


Curiously flour-y, there is a hit of spirit sharpness but otherwise it’s muted and deprived of noteworthy flavours; very, very faint hint of apple fragrance perhaps and slightly buttery.

Palate & Finish:

Quite a spicy hit and otherwise, just a particularly new make driven delivery, the spirit is slightly on the fruity side but light in flavours otherwise.

Some new make notes remain in the finish.


To answer Terence Fletcher’s question, it was rushing.

There are more new Australian distilleries now than ever before and it is important to get the first releases, especially the first single cask release right. I am afraid this ain’t right..