Dram Review: Fleurieu Selected by Whisky & Alement

[50.1%・3 Years Old・Distilled in 2016・Bottled in 2019・Official Bottling Selected by Whisky & Alement・Single Cask Release of 150 Bottles]


Honestly faring quite young and very spirit driven, with mowed grass and minerals as well as the heavier oily toffee note from the distillate and the dried grapes, poached fruits, dried twigs and floral aromas from the Tawny Port cask.

Palate & Finish:

Fairly sweet with a delivery of thinned out Manuka honey with a hint of charred salt, notes of distillate still very much intact as the barley sweetness continues to ooze out. Some dehydrated blueberries and blackberries in the background.

More of that sweetness in the finish, golden honey poured over dried fruits and cereals with splashes of herbs.


This is perhaps one of the youngest Fleurieu expressions I have sampled and it shows, flavours do not integrate as coherently like many of the official releases.

However, I must say the Whisky & Alement team has managed to curate quite an interesting profile spun out of the deep-rooted DNA of the Fleurieu spirit, which is something I want to see as the distillery continues to grow.