Dram Review: Duncan Taylor Rare Auld Bowmore Aged 37 Years

[41.5%・Distilled in 1968・Bottled in 2006・ 37 Years Old・Duncan Taylor Bottling・Cask No. 3823・Single Cask Release of 158 Bottles] 


Ahhhh, beautiful. Full of tropical fruit nectar with a delicate touch of ashy peat, peaches, strawberries and icing sugar embodied in a fine layer of smoked applewood chips as the more dignified aromas of oak from Shinto shrines set in.

Palate & Finish:

A slightly citrus touch brings along an unexpected vibrant liveliness despite the advanced age. A lovely floral presence surrounded by French vanilla and lychees with fine flowing honey and white peaches providing this somewhat stimulating sweetness complimented by very fine peat. Dried fruits and nuts arriving later on to settle things a little.

Gratifying, as the oak evens out the luscious fruits to create a perfect crispness.


A celebration of the vibrant bouquet fruits made famous via a few 1960s Bowmore bottlings.

To me this is near perfect, and on a summer evening, it sounds just like a song..

☆☆☆ [Most Recommended]