Whisky Review: Cardhu Aged 14 Years Diageo Special Release 2019

Style: Sherry and Fruity

Fresh green pears soaked in a delicious spiced mulled wine, cinnamon stick, almonds, citrus peel, maybe some peaches and star fruits floating along. Green apples, caramel, malt syrup and bee wax building a rich, sweet and slightly acidic core. Small dash of vinegar, black pepper and dried chili giving a slightly drying finish. This is definitely a sherry-themed whisky, but it is not overbearing at all and allow other elements to breathe out quite nicely.

The combination of navel oranges and green pears is giving out a nice and round sweetness with a zesty zing at the front. Chili spice flaring up for a moment, orchard fruits, caramel malt and almonds knitting closely together to form a beautiful secondary layer. Subtle notes of fruit croissants, sided with a few pieces of green kiwis and cherries. Oak dressed up as dark chocolate at the tail.

Chocolate pudding, cherries and sugar plums placing on top of a black forest cake. Nuts with minimal suggestion of floral notes gradually surface. Red fruits sherry notes lingering till the end.

A pleasant and straightforward Cardhu we have here. The sherry influence is evident but also subtle enough to allow other elements in the distillate shining through handsomely. Personally, I prefer this kind of style more than hardcore sherry bombs, unless the distillate is very strong by itself. With not many side notes and distractions building around the core, the structure of this Cardhu is quite neat and direct, making it a rather concise dram. I like that.

☆ [Recommended]

[55% | Original Bottling | Limited Edition | 0464 of 4872 Bottles | *]