Whisky Review: The Singleton Glen Ord Aged 18 Years Diageo Special Release 2019

Style: Fruit, Spicy and Complex

Serene sweetness of fragrant forest berries, which is supported by beautiful citrus orange and tropical fruits – ripe mangoes and lychees combined to give an absolutely glorious aroma. Green pine, peppermint tea with a hint of lavender. Vanilla cream and malt sponge cake anchoring on a heavy mineral tone. Barley, nutmeg lightly dusted on carrot cake closing in at the tail. Very fruity, grassy and pleasant. Surprisingly exceptional nose we have here.

Blueberries, black currants and raspberries continue to resonate and create warm waves of glamourous sweetness on the palate, very nice. The tropical fruits are bit less than what the nose has suggested, but enough to provide a soft cushion and coat around the spirit. Then comes a bright but cold beam of grassy ray shooting from the core. Fresh-cut grass, cucumber, peppermint and chili forming a spicy high tide. Icing sugar dusted on barley and lightly soaked in honey mead and caramel. Finally in comes the oak, finishes with cinnamon stick and carrot cake.

White bread, honeyed fruits echoing softly and comfortably. Apricots and apples carrying a peppermint overtone. Quite nice.

Last year’s Glen Ord 14 was pretty impressive and this one is even better. Rich and delicious fruits are counterbalanced and amplified at the same time by the grassy, spicy core. Most young cask strength Speyside whiskies struggle to contain the heat while in attempt to showcase the fruity character of the distillate, but this Glen Ord manages to find the equilibrium of it. Layers of flavours and multiple transitions unfolding with vibrancy, this is certainly one level above most Speysiders. Maybe I should give this two stars, but why am I hesitating?

☆ [Recommended]

[55% | Original Bottling | Natural Cask Strength | Limited Edition | *+]