Whisky Review: Springbank Local Barley 2009 Aged 9 Years

Style: Fruity, Spicy and Smoky

Beautiful sweetness marching with intensity – Barley sugar, honeysuckle, butterscotch and melon taking a hint of green, raw malt. Smoke lacing tightly around the spirit, fizzing spice carrying hay and a good amount of yeast bread. Soft maritime echoes, mineral notes brimming nicely around the aroma.

Similar to what the nose has suggested, barley sugar, honeycomb, Limoncello and stewed fruits infused with green smoke. Mineral touches, bonfire ash and dark chocolate. Peppermint spice firing up and power the expression. Orange peels, grapefruit oil dripping on glazed fruits, a satisfyingly rich and oily texture we have here, very nice. Coconut shreds, ground almonds and nutmeg leaving a drier ending tone.

The intensity slides into the background but staying till the end, honey and butterscotch taking the herbal side, dark liquorice serve with a quick Jell-O shot. Not bad.

A robust and delicious offering which encapsulate the essence of Springbank, honeyed fruits and peat smoke reaching a lip-smacking balance with a beautiful, rich and oily texture. Sure, the spirit feels rather young at times, but the distillate is solid enough to craft a wonderful and complete profile. I think this is the final installment of the four Local Barley series, and I should have bought all of them in multiple bottles. Sometimes you snooze, you lose. Splendid whisky.

☆☆ [Highly Recommended]

[57.7% | Original Bottling | 2009 Distilled | 2018 Bottled | Limited Edition | 9700 Bottles | Barley Type: Optic | Barley Source: High Cattadale Farm | **-]