Whisky Review: Ballechin Aged 12 Years Cask hand picked by The Whisky Exchange

Style: Fruity and Smoky

Sumptuous hay smoke, malt syrup with a good dose of shell fish on the nose. Sea salt rubbing on kombu, fish sauce and minerals, the peat element is surprisingly maritime-driven, I don’t think the distillery is anywhere near the sea, no? Down a layer reveal sugary tropical fruits. Melons and dried mangoes taking the high ground with more malt to round aroma up. Oatmeal base, finished with a sichimi and peppermint spike.

Similar to what the nose has suggested, but the maritime has subsided significantly. Golden malt, sweet apricots floating on smoky water. Peach skin, apple jacks mixed with a handful of cereal. Vanilla, coconut shreds taking a hint of smoked ham. Orange citrus shining from the core, while pepper spice rises up and sustain a good structure.

Dried apricots, milk chocolate, malt and liquorice roots gently melding together, a comfortable finish.

I think this is my first review on Ballechin. For those who is not familiar with Ballechin, it is the heavily peated variant of Edradour. Personally, I think Ballechin is quite underrated. If you look close enough, there are quite a few hidden gems like this one – Bright, smoky, while fruits and the malt seamlessly interchanging throughout the expression. Not complicated but rather a charming dram. Close to 2 stars.

☆ [Recommended]

[54.5% | Original Bottling | Single Cask | Cask Strength | 2004 Distilled | 2017 Bottled | Cask Number: 330 | 251 Bottles | Non Coloured | Non Chill Filtered | *+]