Dram Review: Kinko Moon River Blend

[46.5%・36 Years Old・Distilled in 1980・Kinko Bottling・Limited Release]


Stylistically very much a Japanese style Sherried whisky, poached fruits wrapped in rice paper, with cinnamon dust and date syrup dressed atop.  There is also an aged furniture vibe to things, and later on becoming slightly toasty, with some fine aromas from mango and passion fruit sauces swirled with minerals.

Palate & Finish:

A strawberry reduction at first drawing out a caramel crisp note, with raisins and dried orange slices leading to a jammy follow through.

The sweet Sherry notes flow through and evaporate into a soft finish of caramel popcorn.


If you seek for magic, this really isn’t it but if you are looking for comfort and familiarity of a Japanese style Sherried whisky, the Moon River Blend has the endearing  traits you look for.

☆ [Recommended]