Whisky Review: Kavalan Single Cask Vinho selected by The Whisky Exchange W120614028

Style: Red fruits and Oaky

Sweet, round ruby grapes march in majestically with figs, strawberries, hawthorns, bay berries and plums lining neatly on the side. Light dedemara syrup and butterscotch rounding up the sweetness nicely. Varnish and freshly shaved timber sweep in, while a deeper umami tone lurking quietly in the shadow. Youthful chili spice takes the rhythm to a higher level, a round and bright aroma.

Crystallized cherries floating along a red wine river. Assorted red berries leading the top notes, while dark fruits submerge into the core – figs, sultanas and quince thoroughly brushed with high power acetones. Round, young (not raw) and bright. White pepper sprinkling on pencil shavings, tropical fruits gradually surfaces after layers of wood dissipated. Paw paw and honeydew dipped into dark chocolate.

Cherry pie, blackcurrants and tropical fruits parfait. Oak sitting deep and finish with a light peppermint hue.

A bright and round Kavalan loaded with abundant, delicious red fruits. It starts strong at the front and there are also plenty substances to follow up which gives the expression a very good depth. On the other hand, the oak is rather forthright and I wonder if 6 years of maturation is testing the limit of the climate in Taiwan. I must admit, the dynamic of Taiwanese whiskies (and New World whiskies to a greater extent) is rather different to scotch, the oak can cut in quite deep while the spirit is still relatively young. Don’t get me wrong, it is not necessarily a bad thing, instead, it just feels… different. There is a unique charm to it when the balance is right, and this one is close enough. Solid dram.

☆ [Recommended]

[53.2% | Original Bottling | Single Cask | 2012 Distilled | 2018 Bottled | Cask Number: W120614028 | Cask Strength | 37 of 180 Bottles | Non Coloured | Non Chill Filtered | *]