Dram Review: Ichiro’s Malt Hanyu The Game (1st Edition)

[61.2%・Distilled in 2000・Bottled in 2009 ・Ichiro’s Malt Bottling・Limited Release of 476 Bottles]


Gooey vanilla custard tarts, oak and pepper also on show with a toasty base note.

Palate & Finish:

French vanilla grain and lemon butter crêpes serve with pear purée, the thick creaminess comes and later on leads to and a digestive biscuit note.

Slightly lemony with a hint of the burnt sugary layer from a Portuguese tart.


A fun and accommodatingly lovely albeit not quite composed dram from a dead distillery, perhaps a prototype exhibiting what eventually would become known in Chichibu whiskies? Don’t think too hard about all the accolades surrounding Hanyu or the Game, just put on Peter Bjorn and John and have fun with it..

☆ [Recommended]