Whisky Review: Talisker Aged 8 Years Special Release 2018

Style: Sweet and Smoky


Barbeque bacon served with sweet naval orange twists. Confectioneries, iodine, mineral and maritime notes at the second level. Bonfire smoke, roasted almonds and lemon-brine riding on fresh chilli spice. Vibrant, tidy, clean as a whistle.


Massive citrus sweetness soars in magnificently on the palate, which then transmutes into smoked macadamias and almonds. Followed by charred notes, limoncello, baked ham hugging closely to form a rich and delicious core. White pepper sprinkles, Aloe Vera, honey and vanilla treading softly at its tail. Very, very nice.


Orange-lemon sweetness softens with hints of dying smoke. Sweet Aloe Vera and subtle seaweed to finish.


Sweet, vibrant and beautifully-layered, what else can you ask for from this young little gem? The tasting note is relatively short, not because it is too simple/one dimensional, instead, it is because the structure is so tidy, compact and focused that you don’t need extra words to describe how good this is. So young but already so composed, gosh, I love my Taliskers but this is certainly one of the highlights.

☆☆[Highly Recommended]

[59.4% | Original Bottling | Limited Release | 2018 Bottled | Cask Strength | **-]


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