Whisky Review: Bruichladdich Distillery Micro-Provenance Series Single Cask 1992 Aged 25 Years Exclusively Bottled for Hong Kong International Airport Duty Zero by CDF

Style: Sweet and Creamy


Vanilla ice cream cake sided with cranberry and rhubarb sorbet. More summer berries, coconut milk and digestive biscuits insulating a layer of refreshing peppermint. Somehow this reminds me of the Redder Still, interesting… A touch of white chocolate, just the right amount of ginger shreds, sweet pineapple, while custard taking in some deeper oak towards the end.


Glazed pineapple shining at the forefront followed by cranberries, pomegranate, Goji berries, ruby grapes and taking a hint of liquorice to give a secondary level of sweetness. A big vanilla wave smashes in and engulfed the fruitiness. Coconut oil mixing with custard, barley and walnut oak placed right underneath to the end.


Barley and oak showing quite a bit of dryness, sided with faint cranberry notes.


In many ways this reminds me of the legendary Redder Still, well, maybe not as good, but the style is quite similar. Positive wine-influenced red fruits with rich vanilla notes injecting plenty of texture and oiliness. Personally, I quite enjoyed the synergy between wine and bourbon elements in Bruichladdich – Sweet, luscious and creamy while there is some freshness built into the spirit, not many Laddies catch my eyes but this is certainly an enjoyable drop.

☆ [Recommended]

[49.5% | Original Bottling | Single Cask | 1992 Distilled | 2018 Bottled | Cask Strength | Cask Number: 16/159-1 | 76 of 264 Bottles | Barley type: Optic | *]