Whisky Review: Silver Seal Bunnahabhain 1980 “Whisky is Art” 34 Years Old

Style: Sweet and Malty


Vanillic malt gleaming beautifully at the front, followed by overripe white and yellow fruits, calm, sweet and round aroma. Wood shavings laying at the bottom, while spearmint echoing gently. Very faint hint of shellfish and tar at the background.


High concentration of malt converges at the front, sweet and delicious. Beautiful white fruits – fresh and tinned peaches, nectarines served with a slice of apple pie. A light drizzle of passionfruit syrup, peppermint dressed on the side. Mini pineapple jelly, ink etched deeply into wood planks as oak sinks in, also taking a hint of Earl Grey. Barley husk bringing in some subtle dryness which is quickly balanced by vanilla cream at its tail.


Spontaneous showing of barley husk and barley sugar, white fruits regress and the sweetness gradually fades out.


A mighty fine, old-school Bunnahabhain we have here. Not often you see a Bunny can unleash its potential and reach the highest order, but this dram has managed to set one foot into the realm of brilliance. Beautiful, peaceful interpretation of malt – so condensed, so pure, which is exquisitely empowered by the white fruits which carves such a lovable expression. Maybe it is a bit too confined within the malt and barley as the other elements are on the weaker side, but it remains a great drop to be cherished.

☆☆ [Highly Recommended]

[46.6% | Independent Bottling | 1980 Distilled | 2014 Bottled | 270 Bottles | Cask Number: 84 | Cask Strength | Single Cask | **-]