Whisky Review: Bunnahabhain 1997 Palo Cortado Cask Finish

Style: Sweet and Lightly Smoky


Plenty of malt juice rolling in, green herbs placed on the side, stewed yellow fruits and agar agar. A dash of white pepper, vanilla pod and cinnamon stick. Pencil shavings, green cucumber, throwing in a few cranberries. Tarry smoke gently clinging on, nice.


Pretty much mirroring what the nose has suggested, a fine stream of liquid malt running and forming the core of the expression. Yellow fruits – papaya, pineapple and mangoes thoroughly stewed and stir in with coconut jelly and more agar agar. Fresh green grass and aloe vera swaying on the side, while tarry peat gradually precipitates to bottom. Another light dose of white pepper, dark cherry chocolate, taking a hint of chicken broth at the tail. Delicious.


Molten milk chocolate mixed with malt syrup, cherries, ruby grapes and cranberries coming through while some ashy tar lingers till the end.


Sometimes a good whisky can really paint a picture, and boy, this is one of those – Imagine a small river passing a malt barn, tall green grass growing alongside the water, fragrance of fresh red berry shrubs diffusing through the air and mixing with light, distant coal fire smoke… A pretty scenic picture isn’t it? Of course there is imagination involved. But this dram does offer a good structure as well as a sense of serenity; a gentle, positive vibe which makes it highly enjoyable.

☆ [Recommended]

[54.9% | Original Bottling | 1997 Distilled | 2018 Bottled | Aged 20 Years | Cask Strength | Non Chill Filtered | Non Coloured | Sherry Cask finish for 2 Years | *+]