Dram Review: Bunnahabhain Distilled 1963

[43.0%・33 Years Old・Distilled in 1963・Bottled in 1997・Official Bottling・Limited Release]


Some orchard fruits in play, but also slightly showing its age with the leathery note and hazelnuts brushing past.  Bitter cocoa dust layered on the mildly floral citrus marmalade note as a hint of muddy wet grass mellowly runs underneath.

Palate & Finish:

Quite a pleasant burst of juicy white fruits seasoned with ginger powder.  Smooth milk chocolate and toffee swirl carrying some bitter notes from the oak.

Mildly malty and settle into a medium finish of brown sugar and leather.


The specs might elicit unjust expectations but in saying that this is a restrained dram that is well put together, a bit aged and a bit simple that’s all.

☆ [Recommended]


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