Whisky Review: Adelphi Archive Ben Nevis 1996 11 Years Old

Style: Caramel sweet and Robust


Caramel, butterscotch barley ultra-charged by herbal, spirit spice. Peanut butte cupcake, popcorns and steamed yam garnished with liquorice roots with just a touch of white vinegar. Ginger powder and nutmeg sprinkling onto carrot cake to give a slight earthy flavour. A rather powerful aroma.


Abundant flow of caramel and butterscotch gives maximum oiliness to the spirit. Popcorns, toffee, maple syrup, highly-condensed barley sugar, peanut butter and honeycomb all stacking up to form a robust, rich sweetness underlined by subtle smoke. Limoncello, creme brûlée drizzled generously with creme de menthe, finishing high with assorted stewed fruits.


Toffee and honeycomb combine with the malt. Fresh cut grass dressing on a drying barley.


Probably the strongest Ben Nevis I have tried to date, which is not really surprising given its young age and high abv. The good news is, there is enough substance and texture to match its intensity, creamy, caramel-driven sweetness lingers and coats around nicely. Powerful, but delicious.

☆ [Recommended]

[60.1% | Independent Bottling | Single Cask | Distilled in 1996 | Bottled in 2008 | 129 Bottles | Cask Number: 846 | Cask Strength | *]