Whisky Review: Ben Nevis Single Cask 12 Years Old 2014 White Port Matured

Style: Sweet and Complex

Sharp at the front then filled up with aroma of white grapes and dunnage earthiness. Quite a punchy nose. Chilli flakes flowing along the sweet, grape-y backbone, soft smoke, subtle assorted dry herbs and hints of meatiness at the back. Complex and fun.

Now ruby grapes amalgamate perfectly with the Ben Nevis spirit. Sweet, malty, lightly earthy all gently lifted by the spice. Cornflakes, malt biscuits, more grape juice, chilli flakes knitting up so nicely together… Beautiful oily texture. Fragrant red and dark fruitiness open up so nicely after a while, cigar smoke, black fruits and oak elements pushing forward from the back. Incredible depth.

Grapes and bubble gum singing, malt gently humming, all is well…

Ben Nevis shining at its best form. The nose is bit shy but once we reach palate everything is simply magnificent. Confirms my belief that Ben Nevis can reach the summit of top quality whiskies when the spirit is perfectly in sync with the cask. Showcasing multiple layers of flavours, incredible depth, deliciously sweet and so tantalising. Immensely enjoyable. I heard it is now quite expensive on the market, but in terms of taste, it is one of the dream bottles worth chasing after. Pure magic.

☆☆ [Highly Recommended]

[56.3% • 2015 Bottled • 2002 Distilled • Single Cask • Cask Strength • Non Chill Filtered • Non Coloured • Bottle 317 of 684 • Cask Number: 336]


Tasted at Elysian Whisky Bar