Whisky Review: Bowmore Aged 26 Years The Vintner’s Trilogy French Oak Barrique

Style: Sweet and Delicate


Ruby grapes dipped into chocolate, raisins and almonds building up some beautiful sweetness. Cinnamon stick, cloves, orange drops sitting at the deep. Black pepper and ginger slices stacking up to a higher order. Distant sea spray, a touch of grilled sea shells. Sweet and elegant.


More ruby grapes and tropical fruits parading in cheerfully. Limoncello, cigar box, orange drops, bountiful sweetness converging beautifully at the tip. Subtle, fragrant floral touches around the edge, ginger slices, peppermint, followed by roasted almonds, chocolate, cherry puree while wood spice glowing gently. Hints of bland flour powder dusting over the malt, which is cleverly masked by the wine-y sweetness.


Red grapes, more cherries and dark chocolate lingering nicely with a touch of oak.


So this little gem is double matured, 13 years in ex-Bourbon barrels and then 13 more in French oak wine barriques. Double maturation is a fickle friend, because it can be used to enhance the complexion of the whisky, or it can be used to hide flaws, or sometimes (and for this instance, maybe) both. Now it does feel the wine barriques have imparted abundant wine-y sweetness, rather grape-driven notes to the expression, which links up well with other fruity elements to sketch a comfortable and luscious landscape, delicious enough to forget the malt do show slight weakness at the back. Quite a nice dram.

☆ [Recommended]

[48.7% | Original Bottling |2017 Bottled | Limited Edition | Cask Strength | *+]