Whisky Review: Signatory Vintage Bowmore 2000 Aged 14 Years Cask Hand Picked by The Whisky Exchange

Style: Fruity and Floral


Smoked ham, squid ink and dry barley mixing with some iodine blots. Followed by a layer of chilli and Sichuan pepper spice which buries a subtle honey mead-tropical fruits sweetness at a lower level. White fruits, nectarines coated with lemon balm gradually emerge, albeit at a lesser form. Mossy and mineral touches towards the end. A unexpectedly dry and tight aroma.


Tropical fruits come to life and burst forward on the palate. Naval oranges and mangoes wrapped around with coconut cream. Surreal floral, soapy notes (yes, you heard me right) glazing over the rims of the sweetness – Throw in some Lavender salt, rosemary and eucalyptus oil, hmmmm, curious, but it’s fine. Then we have some nutmeg, squid ink, iodine and smoke barley to form a smoky, drier facet. More lemon balm and vanilla cream which give the spirit a steady base.


Chewy mango sweetness hanging around, while smoke and herbs are on the retreat, a sweet and serene finish.


A rather bright and tropical fruits-driven (well, not so much on the nose) Bowmore. The fruity core holds strong while there is a bit of everything built into the spirit, whether it be peat smoke, mineral, spice, wood, herbs, etc… And then there is the infamous floral soapy notes as well, which, surprisingly in this case, not only did no damage but it actually enhanced the expression with this extra, unique fragrance. This makes me wonder if this is intentional, by refilling a soapy Bowmore cask? No matter what, the end result we have here is a vibrant, sweet and intriguing Bowmore.

✓ [Recommended if you like the Style / Distillery]

[54.4% | 2000 Distilled | 2014 Bottled | Cask Number 800093 | Matured in a Bourbon Barrel | 233 Bottled | Cask Strength | Non Coloured | T+]

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