Dram Review: Scotch Malt Sales Bowmore Aged 12 Years

[57.0%・12 Years Old・Distilled Circa 1970s・Bottled Circa 1989・Scotch Malt Sales Bottling・Limited Release]


Happy to say this is not even close to being hot and overwhelming, in fact it is pretty poised and relaxed, sweet peat drawing from the syrupy base as molten salted caramel gracefully flows out.

Palate & Finish:

Substantial, luscious mouthfeel of sexy confectionery sweetness, stringing out soft fruits, milk chocolate buttons and smoked bacon.  Peat and minerals lightly sparkle in the tail

An extension of  pretty stone fruits and creamy almonds.


Bravo, a powerful delivery on the palate but still delicate with the details.

The kind of specs that doesn’t inspire much confidence if you see it on a current release but so well executed with the late 70s distillate.

Some food for thought perhaps..

☆☆ [Highly Recommended]