Dram Review: Scotch Malt Sales Bowmore Aged 18 Years

[57.0%・18 Years Old・Distilled Circa 1970s・Scotch Malt Sales Bottling・Limited Release]


Boosting an indulgent thickness, chocolate, smoked figs and other mushed Sherry fruits get churned with toffee and caramelised popcorn, stupendously expressive.

Palate & Finish:

The Sherry influence is phenomenal, fragrant dark fruits carrying this certain sensual saltiness from the cask. The aged Sherry note folds together with walnuts with the strength of the dram bringing out blackcurrant and dark cherries.

Syrup drenched strawberries and raw chocolate with a mild nuttiness to it, the Jamón saltiness stretches to a mesmerising end.


Now, this is one substantial digestif, a satisfying treat to cap off a perfect night.. the peat of 70s Bowmore probably got lost amidst all that Sherry but who’s to say for certain the dram would fare better..

☆☆ [Highly Recommended]