Dram Review: Glen Extra (Springbank) 12 Years Old

[70 Proof・Bottled Circa 1960s・12 Years Old・Robert Watson Bottling・Limited Release]


Grassy with this certain attractive antique style white fruit note. Some burnt toast follows as well as leather and tobacco, some jasmine too before it turns somewhat savoury with grilled capsicum to go with a perfume-y undertone.

Palate & Finish:

Smooth white fruits along with some pineapple ester, lush brushes of honey and pasture and some olive oil and rosemary followed by a subtle malt element with spices lightly tapping on the tongue.

Soft finish with only scattered traces of menthol and bitterness.


Modern Springbank releases are mostly quality but this is such an era specific Springbank, something that really can’t be replicated no matter what.

The nose is voluminous and detailed, the palate comfortably balanced.

☆ [Recommended]


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