Dram Review: Springbank 21 Years Old Specially Bottled for Malt House Islay

[54.1%・Distilled in 1997・Bottled in 2018・21 Years Old・Official Bottling for Malt House Islay・Cask No. 118・Single Cask Release]


A proper showing of meaty Sherried Springbank but at the same time it gets evened out by some vibrant light fruits. Quite leathery and malty with some fainter fragrance hanging on, followed by a clean wave of ripe mangos and raisins.

Palate & Finish:

Quite a pleasing delivery of honey, sultana and marmalade though it also takes on a whole heap of spices. The sweetness is vibrant with a rewarding honeydew note.

The malt eases out in the finish with faint brushes of fruits and ginger flower.


Something of a curveball from nose to palate but the lighter profile on the palate proves to be refreshing enough despite not being as full bodied or as neat as I would have hoped.. an entirely attractive dram..

☆ [Recommended]