Dram Review: Dobson’s Empire 8 (Cask No. 87)

[60.0%・6 Years Old・Bottled Circa 2016-2018・Official Bottling・Cask No. 87・Single Cask Release]


At 60% this doesn’t feel too sharp or expressive and instead actually rather muted. Vanilla custard and butter-sugar crepes, some caramelised almonds amongst the spirit-y presence.

Palate & Finish:

A muddled splatter of syrup and cane sugar somewhat incoherently with candied orange and vanilla fudge moving in along with some spices.

Traces of mint chocolate and candied orange before turning dry and bitter.


This is a sound base expression from a micro-distillery, the flavour profile is in order although it just feels a bit forced and not exactly natural, somewhat engineered in a sense with flavours not really gelling together, I wonder if it’s a matter of single cask variances or if this has anything to do with production methods..

Calibrating the next release not as a cask strength single cask probably will make the whole delivery more coherent.